Older Home Expensive to Heat

Completion date: August 28, 2018

Location: Cottage Grove, OR

Solutions provided:

This homeowner lives in an older home that was expensive to heat and still remained cold and drafty in the winter.

He believed new windows, along with a better heating system, was what he needed to make his home more comfortable and energy efficient.


When Josh met with this homeowner, they first worked together to build a list of things the homeowner wanted to accomplish. Once Josh and the homeowner were clear on this, a complete inspection of the home was done in order to develop solutions that would get the homeowner exactly what they wanted.

Josh’s Dr. Energy Saver production crew went to work by replacing the windows with high efficiency vinyl windows. Not only did this improve the look of the home, it also made it more energy efficient.

The biggest gains in regards to comfort and efficiency in the home came from the work Josh’s team did in the attic and crawlspace. They used extremely safe, effective, and green types of insulation to accomplish this.

Cellulose was installed in the attic along with proper air sealing. This work was done after the old, nasty, rodent infested insulation was removed. Closed-cell spray foam was applied under the floor after removing the old fiberglass that was falling down.

Even though this work was done when the weather was relatively mild, the homeowner said, “I can already feel a major improvement in the comfort of the home. I’m so happy to have made the decision to work with Josh and Dr. Energy Saver.”