Pole Barn Now More Comfortable

Completion date: October 16, 2018

Location: Glide, OR

Solutions provided:

The owner of this 20 feet by 60 feet pole barn in Glide, OR wanted to get it insulated and knew there were different options available.


After seeing our listing on the Home Advisor website, he set up an appointment for our energy consultant to come see the barn.

A metal barn with no insulation is going to be seriously hot in the summer due to the heat transfer from outside. In the winter, this same building will be seriously cold; it will also drip condensation as the air inside the barn hits the even-colder roof.

Our company offers a variety of insulation materials as different issues require different solutions. Close-cell spray foam solves all the issues this barn was having. Our expert spray foam crew prepared the area, covering the floor with plastic, protecting the barn door, and taping the edges of the beams. They then spray in two inches of closed-cell spray foam between beams.

This barn no longer has the giant temperature swings, nor does it drip condensation!

Photos & Videos: