Rodent-infested crawl space

Completion date: December 27, 2016

Location: Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

When the homeowner bought this home, they inherited some health and energy efficiency issues they hadn’t expected.

In regards to health, they learned that the old aluminum framed windows were causing condensation of moisture that created mold on the surrounding wood. These old single pane windows were also highly inefficient, allowing the loss of a significant amount of heat in the winter. The other major health issue was due to an infestation of rodents in the crawlspace where they made a cozy home in the fiberglass floor insulation.


The homeowner met with Curtis, who did a thorough inspection of the home. According to the homeowner, “After a very professional presentation about the right way to fix the home, we decided to move forward with two excellent solutions.

“Josh Lowe’s window crew replaced our old windows with high quality yet affordable vinyl windows. Now we have beautiful new windows that make our house much healthier and more energy efficient.”

In phase two of the work performed for this customer, all of the old rodent-infested insulation was removed from the crawlspace and replaced with super-efficient closed cell spray-foam. “Since the spray-foam was applied under the floor, we no longer have a rodent problem and the house even smells cleaner since we aren’t getting any more nasty air coming into the house from the crawlspace.”