Room Above Garage Home Now Warmer in Winter

Completion date: March 29, 2017

Location: Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

This Eugene-area homeowner was cold in his home in the winter, and the work room above the garage was especially cold. They also stored items in the attic and needed a better solution as the items were sitting near what insulation there was in the attic.


They found us online and called us for an evaluation. They suspected the issue was in the attic in their 70-year-old home. Our Energy Consultant investigated the attic and found it was definitely not well insulated! The pink fiberglass (see first photo) is just an air filter and a place for mice to nest. There were also many, many places where air was leaking out of the attic.

The Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver insulation crew removed all the old insulation. They then sealed all the air leaks so the air they are paying to heat doesn’t just escape to the outside. This is a step that some insulation companies do not take care of.

Our crew built a storage deck in their attic with 4-inch thick insulating foam board and then installed oriented strand board on top of it. In some places, cellulose was blown in, and in some places, especially to the knee wall, closed cell spray foam was sprayed in (see photo).

Besides being warmer in winter, this insulation work will make their home cooler in the summer, too.

Photos & Videos: