Upstairs Now Cooler in Summer Since Attic Correctly Insulated

Location: Beaverton, OR

February 22, 2021


This home’s upstairs rooms were too hot in the summer to live in. The homeowner was ready to fix this and searched on the internet for companies that could help.


After meeting with the owner to talk about what they have been experiencing, our energy consultant suited up and got into the attic. There was loose insulation, but it was sparse and not doing much (see BEFORE photo).

The attic floor was not air-sealed. We find most homes are like this. This is key to making the whole solution work well. Those leaks in the attic floor need to be sealed to help keep the air he paid to cool/het from moving to the outside. Our crew removed the old insulation, and then air-sealed with Zyp foam (see DURING photo).

Our insulation crew then re-insulated to the higher R-60 level with blown-in TruSoft cellulose. The owner told us he was very happy with our work and has noticed quite a difference in the comfort of his house!