Water Issues Lessened Under Home with Sump Pump

Completion date: July 30, 2018

Location: Winchester, OR

Solutions provided:

The owners of this Winchester, OR home were not comfortable in their home, plus they knew that there were water issues underneath in the winter.


This couple stopped at our booth at the Douglas County Fair and set an appointment for one of our Energy Consultants to come out and investigate. The appointment was in the “dry season,” but there was clear evidence of water under the home.

As the first step in making their home more comfortable, they chose to install the SmartSump sump pump and SmartPipe drainage system. This drainage system is the best one to use in a crawl space with a dirt floor as the unique shape helps move the water out of the crawl space.

Wet crawl spaces are not healthy for the people living in the home as the higher humidity gives mold the perfect conditions to grow.

Between the pump and the pipes, their crawl space will be much drier in the winter!

Photos & Videos: