With Encapsulated Crawl Space, Mice No Longer Have Easy Access In Home

Completion date: November 26, 2018

Location: Corvallis, OR

Solutions provided:

The cold floors in this Corvallis, OR home, plus the mice they were hearing in the walls, were problems the homeowners wanted to solve. The mice noise seemed to be getting worse, too. They also wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their home, especially how the upstairs was too hot in the summer.


The homeowners found our company online and called us for an appointment. After our Energy Consultant met with them to discuss what they were experiencing, he suited up and got in to the crawl space.

Our Energy Consultant found there were lots and lots and LOTS of areas where the mice were coming in to the crawl space. There were many penetration points, starting with outside the house where some of the ducting from the heating system entered the crawl space (see photo) and another area were they had wiggled in between two foam blocks (see photo). They had worked to block these areas, but if a #2 pencil can fit in to a crack, so can a mouse!

The mice were living under the house and running up in to the walls from the crawl space. The insulation was also bowing down (see photo) so it wasn’t touching the underfloor. This is one reason their floors were cold.

To address both the issues of mice and of cold floors, the owners chose to have our insulation crew encapsulate the crawl space. This helps reduce the number of areas where the mice can enter, plus makes the crawl space a conditioned space so their floors were not cold.

The crew started by removing all the old, inefficient insulation that the mice were nesting in. They also removed the old insulation on the ductwork and then sealed leaks in the ducting. The crew then laid out the first layer of the liner—the dimple mat (see photo). Two more layers go on top of this, with the last one being white (see photo). The foundation walls were also sealed with closed cell spray foam and the venting areas were sealed.

We wish we could see the mice trying to get in now and being frustrated that they are being deterred!

Photos & Videos: