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Monday – Friday
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Critters Want To Live In your Home!

Solutions provided:

Mice and rats and raccoons, oh my! Critters want to be warm and dry and have a nice place to raise their young, just like we do. Unfortunately, the attics and crawl spaces of homes are great places for animals to burrow and nest. Fiberglass, the material used to build older homes and still used today for cheaper insulation, is a great nesting material. They like to tunnel into it and make houses inside.

They may be cute, but they are vectors for disease. If they are living in your attic or crawl space, they are using it as their toilet.

Our insulation crews will remove all the old, inefficient insulation and replace it with TruSoft blown-in cellulose. The cellulose is treated with borax, and this will deter the critters from returning to live with you.


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